Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#AutismSpeaks10 years of hate against #ActuallyAutistic People

This is my son, happy and stimming.

Image:  White text reads #ActuallyAutistic Spinning & Stimming
Image is a young Autistic child with dark hair and fair skin, a red shirt, 
dark hoodie and bright sunglasses. He is upside down, spinning in a round 
spinning toy at the playground

This is the kind of person Autism Speaks wants to prevent from being born. This is the kind of person that they call a burden, and lament that he won't die of autism, he'll just live a normal lifespan and suck up all the resources because he needs so much support. 

This is the kind of person who Autism Speaks says is a mistake. 

This is the kind of person who Autism Speaks is fighting instead of helping, supporting, accepting and knowing, let alone even listening to him. 

This is also the kind of person that I am, and so many of my friends are. 

We are Autistic and the rhetoric of Autism Speaks, it hurts us every day

If you support Autism Speaks, you support hate. You support an organization that takes from our communities and says that this beautiful face, this wonderful life should never have been and does not deserve to be. If you support Autism Speaks, I'd like you to remember this face and all the joy he has brought to so many people, all the value his life has and tell me that the way they talk about us is okay. This face, this amazing human that I am so lucky to know and love and have in my life, this is why I boycott Autism Speaks. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It is a still picture of your son, so I can't see the spin or the stim, but I can see the smile.