Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Whole Body Understanding Resources

I have been selling these posters I that developed to support the library.   I've decided to also make them available for free to download and print for anyone who would like to use them for non-commercial purposes or to advocate for themselves or their child.   I have two versions of the Whole Body Understanding poster, one is autism specific and the other is aimed at other neurodivergent learners.

You can click here for the Whole Body Understanding: Autism poster

You can click here for the Whole Body Understanding: Neurodivergent Learners poster

I still sell them on my little Redbubble shop, but I would like for them to be more widely available to help others who want to use them to promote acceptance and to support students of ALL learning styles in respectful, positive and empowering ways!   If you like them, and have the ability to support the library, I'm always accepting donations too!  But if you can't afford to..... then, that's why they are free!