Monday, October 10, 2016

The Signs of Autism...

A while back, a poster showing the “signs of autism” was brought to my attention.  It was clearly written from a non autistic person’s point of view, was extremely pathologizing and negative.   I “fixed” the poster with language that was more supportive and reframed the “behaviors” shown in a more understanding and accepting way.   My friends at Autism & Neurodiversity in the Classroom (an awesome resource, you should check them out!) posted the two images side by side to show that the way we talk about autism really does matter!  


I wanted to create a resource that people could share to counter these types of messages about autism, and I finally did!  This Neurodivergent Narwhal poster will be available in my redbubble store if you’d like to purchase it to support the library.  If you e-mail the library at, I can send you a free pdf of the poster to print and use as well!

Neurodivergent Narwhal Explains-.jpg

( I apologize for the lack of image descriptions, I am working on that, but it’s something that is really difficult for me to do!  Thanks for understanding!)