Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A 10 Year Olds Thoughts on "I Love Being My Own Autistic Self" by Landon Bryce.

One of my son's favorite books is "I Love Being My Own Autistic Self" by Landon Bryce.  It is also a favorite of mine.  When people come to the library, it is one of the first books I always recommend to them.   I would tell anyone who was new to a diagnosis of Autism to get this book!  It is so important to understanding the concepts of respect and neurodiversity.  Too often, books are written about Autism without even considering how Autistic people think or feel.  This book is so wonderful because it actually addresses how it feels to hear some of the damaging and false messages that seem to be so prevalent when we talk about autism.   It is easy to understand, with bright and colorful graphics.  It is perfect for older kids and to share with your entire family.  

Review by F, aged 10:

I kind of liked Vector. He’s the main character and I always like the main character in a story as long as he’s not a villain. Vector is an Autistic hero. He explains about Autism. There is actually no villain in the story, but his sister sometimes acts like one.
Vector mentions the spectrum of autism. Autistic people are sensitive. Some to loud noises, as I am.
Marko can’t talk. But Marko can communicate. Some people at my old school communicate by keyboard because they could not talk.   Sometimes, I like to type more than I like to talk too.  It is easier.  
Marko has a lot to say. I think he knows thousands of things. Not talking doesn’t mean you don’t know a lot of things.
Dr. Chip is another character. He is a scientist who studies Autism. I like that he studies Autism. I would hope he would talk to Autistic people like me to understand.
I like how it says Autistic people can be great friends with animals. Like dogs and cats. I think that is true for me. I am perfectly good friends with my dog and cat. Animals helps me feel calm.
I like this book. I like being Autistic too.
I like being Autistic because I think that’s why I’m smart. I am very sensitive to things. I am good at remembering things and I like how I act. Stimming helps me to be calm and it feels good.
There are hard things about being Autistic. Bright lights are hard for me and they are everywhere. Noises are loud and it makes me pretty afraid and I feel like it will go on forever. Sometimes, people don’t understand me or disapprove of the things I like. That doesn’t make me feel that good.
People could understand me better by listening to me. People can understand Autistic people better by listening to all of us. We have a lot to say even if we don’t say it by talking.