Monday, April 28, 2014

We Always Liked Picasso Anyway Expressions of PosAutivity: #AutismPositivity2014

2014 is the year I started a library!  

Not just any library, but one focused on the ideas of autism acceptance, neurodiversity and disability rights.  I set up every other week to lend books to my local community that amplify Autistic and disabled voices.   When I first got the idea to open an acceptance library, I was a little intimidated by all the work that would go into this. It is a LOT of work.   I found, however, that following my passion for educating other people about the value of diversity and the worth and beauty of disabled lives has made all the work that goes into this actually FUN!

I love what I do.  

I love seeing people begin to understand autism and disability in new ways.  I love when people ask me for a specific therapy or parenting book and I explain that the mission of my library is not to fix something that isn't broken, but to celebrate Autistic and disabled lives.

 (FAQ Page for the Library)

 This is a very new concept for many.

I hope to make it a little less shocking and controversial an idea. Because as I have said before:

(Image of a blue/green square framed in olive green with black text that reads: : "Loving, accepting and valuing Autistic lives should not be considered a revolutionary act.")

 I hope to help other disabled people in my community to come to the place of acceptance and pride that I have found through finding and knowing my own Autistic community.   I hope that people will stop telling me they are afraid to label their children as Autistic, because being Autistic won't be something to fear.   I hope that when people walk into a bookstore and ask for books on Autism, they are not led to the parenting section, but to the Disability Rights and Disability Pride section.   My library will always reflect those hopes until they are a reality. 

And they will be.
I believe this because I see it happening every day. 

I look forward to the day when my son is an adult and Autism Acceptance is the norm,   I hope that ideas like my library play a little part in making that happen for the next generation of Autistic people. 

Autism Acceptance.  Neurodiversity.  

      (Image of a young Autistic boy next to a table with a selection of library books on autism, 
disability rights and neurodiversity)

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