Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Citizen Autistic

Citizen Autistic is an amazing documentary film directed by William Davenport that I have recently purchased for the library.   It features many prominent activists in the Autistic community such as Zoe Gross, Ari Ne'eman, and Landon Bryce. The film talks about how many organizations (such as Autism Speaks) and some parents in the autism advocacy community actually work against Autistic people.

Right now, the film is streaming for free on Hulu.  I highly recommend that anyone who cares about Autistic people watch this film!

I have a lot to say about Citizen Autistic, but I am going to save that for a special event that I am coordinating with Leah Kelley at 30 Days of Autism!

Leah and I have previously done live tweets together of the really horrible Autism Speaks propaganda film Sounding The Alarm: Battling the Autism Epidemic, which I wrote about at Autism Women's Network.  We have also live tweeted about the very awesome film Vectors of Autism, that Leah wrote about on her blog.

We are very excited to do a live tweet of Citizen Autistic on January 19th at 6 p.m PST/ 9 p.m. EST.  Since the film is currently available to watch for free on Hulu, we are hoping that many others are able to  join in the conversation!

Image Description:  Black text reads:  Join 30 Days of Autism: Leah Kelley & The Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library for a live tweet of the   documentary film Citizen Autistic directed by William Davenport.  A film that explores the many ways that Autism Speaks works against the Autistic Community January 19, 2015 6pm PST/9pm EST @Leah_Kelley @WileyAutLibrary.  To the right of text in lower corner is an image from the film of a person in winter clothes and noise cancelling headphones holding a black sign that with an image of a blue puzzle piece with a red slash through it that reads "I am not a puzzle, I am a person.  Below that is white text that reads #CitizenAutistic


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